From Testing to Knowing


In my last blog, I explored why I believe the age of A/B testing is dead—if it ever was alive to begin with. You might naturally wonder: “Well, A/B testing is better than nothing, isn’t it, so what can we use instead to learn what really moves customers?” The answer is: data science.
We now have access to ridiculous amounts of data about our customers—what they like, what they don’t, what language they use to talk about products and services, where they’ve been before they digitally experience a brand, and much more. Now, as never before, we can use data science to better understand consumers’ patterns of behavior and their expectations that then become the basis for personalized content—contextual relevancy, as we say.
We are moving from testing to knowing … Data science is a far better, far more accurate, method of understanding customers than A/B testing could ever hope to be. It’s like peering into the psyche of each and every person who visits one of our clients’ touchpoints.
When we know someone, we can offer experiences that are not only differentiated in terms of content, but also in style, form and medium.

  • We know who they are.
  • We know what they want.
  • We know where they want to receive information.
  • We know why they want what they want.
  • We even know how they speak and how they like to be spoken to.

We now understand the customer’s context to such a degree that we can serve them exactly the content that will close the sale—that’s the definition of contextual relevancy. Data science completes the loop that marketers have dreamed about since the day marketing began.
On our client projects, you see Tahzoo’s unique data science capabilities informing client deliverables like carefully drawn Customer Personas that represent a profound step up from the shotgun blast approaches of the past, such as “demographics.” You’ll also see data science in cutting-edge Tahzoo-only approaches like Content Modeling, which uses sophisticated probabilistic algorithms to scan the broad social conversation and search for patterns that help us know what interests our audiences most. We can then create another sort of Tahzoo-original deliverable known as Content Archetypes that are a mix of customer personas and their preferred communication media and style. Last, we layer in sophisticated approaches from academia such as Learning Models and Money Mindstates.
Learning Models were developed in the early 1980s by educational researchers to define the precise process most people go through to learn something. In our case, our audiences are learning about the products and services we are helping our clients to market. In essence, we combine knowledge about the customer with analysis that helps us understand the language they use and then we shape multi-touchpoint digital Customer Journeys that adhere to and follow the careful steps laid out in Learning Models to get a holistic approach to content and marketing that truly sets Tahzoo apart from all other digital experience agencies. We create digital experiences that are as close as possible to the real-world, human-to-human interaction between a salesperson and a prospect. I sincerely believe there is no one else in the world doing the sort of sophisticated data-driven work that Tahzoo does on a daily basis.
We are changing the world through data-driven, contextually relevant content.