Tahzoo “Charges Forward” in Digital Marketing Space

A strategist, author and innovation expert, Fast Company writer Kaihan Krippendorff has an incredible talent for digging deeper into a company to find some of the most innovative and unique angles about that organization. Recently, Tahzoo founder and CEO Brad Heidemann spoke with Kaihan about why it is critical for marketers to remain dedicated to delivering a personalized customer experience.
Their conversation spurred many interesting topics, including the idea that when marketers accomplish the step of understanding what a customer wants, their next challenge lies in delivering it to them. In Kaihan’s Fast Company article about this topic, “Using Customer Mind-Reading and Customized Content to Transform Your Brand,” he uses Brad’s example of a banking website to highlight this topic of personalization. For instance, a senior citizen will interact with a banking website much differently than a college student. For the senior citizen the site should contain larger buttons, easier-to-read text content relevant to retirement. When it comes to a college student, the site should be catered to the on-the-go lifestyle, where checking account balances and applying for a new credit card are more relevant options.
What’s fascinating about this piece is how Kaihan ties Tahzoo in as a piece of the digital advertising puzzle that will help shape the future of commerce. As Tahzoo charges forward within the digital marketing space, the company remains dedicated to helping clients deliver highly personalized digital experiences to customers. With the new paradigm of having individualized conversations with audience segments, the Tahzoo team recognizes the importance for marketers to customize content for these finely diced customer segments. That is where true competitive advantage lies.