Leap Year!


Hello everyone,  
We get an extra day this year, how exciting! Leap year is always a reminder to me about how precious our time is. For those of you who have been in my office, I keep an hourglass on my desk. Aside from the novelty, it’s there to remind me every day that time matters, and to not be frivolous or wasteful with my most valuable resource. It’s a constant battle for me and I’ll admit that I’ve struggled with procrastination my entire life. 

I was in a meeting with my mentor the other day and he had just finished his mediation class. They were meditating on the concept that fear plus resistance equals suffering. Boy, if I could capture the emotion sentiment of procrastination, I think that meditation hits the mark. Progress in my lifelong battle with procrastination has been mostly attributed to confronting my fears. Dealing with them openly and honestly somehow that works for me. I consciously surround myself with people who give me the energy and courage to confront my fears. This, coupled with regular reminders about the importance of time, has gone a long way towards winning my battle with procrastination. If this is something you struggle with feel free to reach out to me, suffering is no way to go through life. If this isn’t a challenge for you then maybe this DOB is something you can send to someone who does struggle with time management and procrastination. 
So, I am going to take this extra day, be joyful for it and put it to good use. Happy Leap Year Everyone! 
Let’s go be great!