Full Speed Ahead!


If you don’t like the road you’re walking, start paving another one.” – Dolly Parton 

You are only limited by your own ambition… 

It’s game on, right? We are all busy in our accounts with the work and the various issues being managed and addressed. Not smooth by any stretch of the imagination but everyone is working hard on our customer satisfaction high and project execution challenges managed. Keep focusing on this, I know it’s hard. A lot of what I see is Tahzoo’s organizational ambiguity that needs to be resolved. We are engaged in a lot of complex and multi-disciplinary projects. This requires great communication and collaboration between team members. I am working hard to align the company to our challenges; however, I need everyone to stay focused on teamwork. 

We need to document additions to the “Tahzoo Way” where an issue is resolved, a handoff between teams or deliverables is documented. Let’s not reinvent the wheel. Tahzoo has lots of institutional knowledge and tools for delivering large scale projects… I appreciate the hard work and focus from each of you, everyone is empowered to improve the Tahzoo way. They are not “tablets from on high”, they are simply the rules and methods a team uses to ensure we have happy and profitable customers.   

Over the next few months, we need to hire and onboard a lot of people. I am counting on at least 15 fresh out of college hires by the end of January, in addition to all the other open roles. I am trying to get everyone ready for the bow wave. The more we can collectively focus on streamlining the execution of our work and training the new people the smoother things will go. Each of you should be thinking about how you are going to build and grow a team at Tahzoo. We are an entrepreneurial and opportunistic company selling bespoke consulting to Fortune 500 companies, you are only limited by your own ambition at Tahzoo.  
These are luxury problems for most businesses. But they are actual problems too … and they need to be managed. So, while I take a moment to be grateful and appreciative of the opportunity we have as a company to move to the next level in 2020, I am mindful that we need to move quickly as an organization and make changes to some of our days to day habits. Let enjoy the holiday season and make sure we also seize the moment.  
Let’s go be great!