Are you all in?


Sometimes I write this letter wondering if I am shouting into the ether … I just pray that someone is reading, I know you do because the open rate is well above 90%. I love it when I hear from you.  
If you have to do something each week come hell or high water, vacation, travel, or otherwise, it takes a toll. I’ve been writing to each of you for more than four years now. That means every week, you’ve received an email from me without fail. I am not complaining, well maybe a little bit, but I am saying that I am in the fight. I want the best of what each of us has to offer. 
I dream of your impact, your success, and that each of you achieves your remit. I wish I could tell each of you exactly what to do but that would just be cheating. I don’t know … What I know is that, what matters to me most, is that each of you achieves something you thought wasn’t possible.  
I wish that was all it took to make me a perfect leader, I wish that made me above reproach, but alas … that makes me human. The good news is that I’m not alone. You’re all here for a reason, so make the most of it! All I can say is that I am all in. 
Let’s go be great!